Guitar Acquisition Syndrome strikes another American every thirty seconds. It spreads through viral contact with Musician’s Friend, , Music 123 and the dreaded Fender Discussion Page . G.A.S. causes ordinary, middle aged, middle class males to develop delusions of rock stardom, spending their life savings, their children’s college funds and borrowing heavily to purchase expensive electric guitars, amplifiers and bowling shirts sporting flame motifs or guitar manufacturer logos.

Geno was a government contractor with an healthy, happy family and an suburban home. Today, due to G.A.S. he lives alone with 48 guitars.

Clark spends all of his time in his basement “studio” playing short snippets of songs on one of his many guitars and reading the F.D.P. incessantly, ignoring his family’s pleas to come up for dinner.

John is gone from home three, sometimes four nights a week, playing surf music in dingy barrooms.

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